Time​ and ‘ME’ in it!

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Time is the only element in our lives that is irretrievable when it’s lost! Time is precious and valuable. Today’s 24 hours will move faster than yesterday’s. Tomorrow’s 24 hours will go faster still. And in the meantime, the world and everything around us keeps changing!

As part of the Sunday series, in May, titled “The Clock – on the wall or in our life”, had shared, “over the last 4decades, clock has been symbolic of life for me, ticking 24x7, stopping for nothing at all, no matter what the outside weather is, the hands seamlessly moving thru the dial….”. That’s reality of Time! This Sunday the idea is not to talk about time management around work prioritization as important/urgent. Today’s focus is to highlight the need to manage “ME” in TIME, that is how do you manage yourself through the difficult times in your life journey!

It is important to understand that life journey is unpredictable and that unexpected things can happen that you wouldn’t have imagined in your wildest dreams. It is best that you take charge in such situations and deal with them. Even better is to be prepared for such time in life, rather than to live in denial and be taken by surprise when misfortune befalls. For the fact is that you need to manage yourself, to be able to see through the difficult time in life.

Most of us live with the stubborn illusion that we will always have tomorrow to sort challenges when the conditions would be better. We tend to consistently hold on to this belief and keep procrastinating waiting for the perfect moment, not realising that we ourselves are adding to our adverse situations. Need is to keep your belief intact, eye on your purpose and take timely action. You alone have to do away with what holds you back in life. There’s nothing wrong with emotions. Sometimes feel, they actually exist for your benefit. Nonetheless, they can build to the point when they overwhelm. So at adverse times in your life journey, you also need to manage them and take informed decisions.

In the roller coaster ride of your life journey you naturally experience all phases. Gain and lose, celebrate and reflect, enjoy and dislike as maybe the case. You can make up for lost money, job, opportunity but lost time is gone forever. Even in personal space, there are times when we feel will attend to this later, but those moments or life milestones don’t comeback again!

Lots written and said about Time! Interestingly some best prose and poetry too has time as its theme backdrop. And so we tend to use time as yardstick (possibly heart and time are the two most commonly used) and put different time periods into buckets of good, average, bad. Realistically, we need a fresh perspective when the going gets tough. There is no denial of adversity but your submission without dealing with it is definitely questionable!

We all have experienced and understand varied levels of influence that we exercise on things around us, be professional, personal, social. One common factor across all three is Time and all will agree we have no influence on it! What you have full influence on is how will you respond to what Time brings to you. “ME” in every stage of Time, is what you need to manage! Lens you wear is how you will see Time and accordingly engage with it too.

Time has some interesting characteristics! Time never stops for anyone, it never remains the same, it changes, it ushers in the new….. how ready and prepared are you to manage yourself is the key!

Time​ and ‘ME’ in it, has multiple aspects to it. First the importance of preparing yourself for any and every situation in life. Second to ably manage your emotions through this journey. And finally be agile to leverage the time in hand and look for the possibilities in every situation. Respect Time, don’t fear it!





Enabling transformation - people and business, leadership development! Humanist, Storyteller, Lifelong learner! Make every moment count and enjoy it too!

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Nitin Kapoor #nskspeaks

Nitin Kapoor #nskspeaks

Enabling transformation - people and business, leadership development! Humanist, Storyteller, Lifelong learner! Make every moment count and enjoy it too!

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