It’s time to be “Free From”!

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As India celebrates it’s 74th Independence Day, greetings to fellow Indians and my friends across the globe! Independence has significance for a country, society, people. It’s about self control, not being dependent, sense of freedom. In last couple of decades with globe shrinking thanks to social communication platforms, we have seen a rise in public display of these sentiments too. Interestingly, the focus on social media is on “Free To”, detailing out all that one is free to do……. well absolutely, but this Independence weekend under Sunday series the focus is on “Free From”!

Life journey as have always maintained is unique to each one of us and so naturally calls for individual focus too on how we manoeuvre it without distractions or disturbances to/from others on the track. So there can be no better driver than us to take charge of our own journey! We live in continuous changing and evolving times and last few months especially have shown its extent too……. we today talk about the need of new skills, traits, strategy for the need is to not just see this time through but also emerge better prepared and stronger. To achieve this, we first need to look inward and possibly “let go” of some that we hold to enable new to “come in”, this is the basis of “Free From”!

Independence isn’t just a personal virtue, it’s a moral virtue. The freedom we enjoy comes with responsibilities too. And it all starts with us, what we wish to drive and achieve. “Free From” is about freedom from our own shortcomings, independence from our comfort zones so that we are able to embrace our Self 2.0! So if we plan to emerge stronger and better prepared for tomorrow, we need to start today. For a change, let’s approach it from a lens of what we need to let go. Let me share a personal experience, I wanted to loose weight, the advice I got from everyone was to regularly exercise and eat healthy. Well if it was just that, I would have done that long back. Something was holding me back. An honest inward look told me that I would need to stop being lazy first, learn to manage my craving for sweets, not hide behind the excuse of no time, in short first discipline the inside me to action on the outside me! My friends would relate to it, it took me years and then 2017 happened:) Similarly for anything that we need to achieve or take to the next level, we first need to be “Free From”, that is to let go of whatever is holding us back!

As a lifelong learner, continue to reflect on learning from what’s past, live in the present and add to new learning for tomorrow. Self 2.0 is a continuous process for it’s about agility and acceptance to what’s there and what needs to be worked upon and achieved. “Free From” is our FREEDOM from what’s holding us back in personal, professional, social space………

Ffree from fear of failure – don’t let fear of interim setbacks or what people will say hold you back. Making mistakes or failing are part of our journey towards success, what actually holds us back is not trying at all. Step out today and take a fresh guard!

Rfree from resistance – there is no space for resisting change! Our comfort zones hold us back and we happily park ourselves. Resistance is actually to the change it demands in us and not to the one outside. Let go of the thought and take charge!

Efree from expectations – surprised! Well it’s about expectations mis-match when we are not realistic about them. What follows is a state of unhappiness and endless wait for it all to suit us. Our life journey is made up of multiple short races and allows us to cover up. Be aware of the situation, make necessary edits to our approach and set expectations to be back on track!

Efree from excuses – avoid the ‘if’ and ‘then’ trap, ‘if’ this would have not happened ‘then’ I could have done this. Be it a friendly chat or meeting, passing the buck is not the answer. Accept it, be it a miss or a situation and let there be requisite action for way forward!

Dfree from doubting self – in-decisiveness and self-doubt is a very human response to all the challenges life throws our way. Stop doubting yourself, your abilities. The comparison will not help either as each journey is unique. Don’t be hard on yourself, reflect on past successes, be selective and have the belief to make it!

Ofree from obsession – stop your obsession for validation of everything you do. It only leads to self-pity and a false sense of gratification. Figure out what you want to do and understand why you want to do it. Stop worrying about it and just do it!

Mfree from mediocrity – never give up on your goal because things became hard, never settle for something inferior as consolation. Success will elude you unless you are willing to push the limits you have placed on yourself. Commit to your aspirations and become the best at what you do!

Each one of us and our life journey is unique, so our personal “Free From” cannot be prescriptive either, you yourself need to identify what is holding you back and then work upon them.

It’s time to be “Free From”! Take charge and do it for yourself! Start now!



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Nitin Kapoor #nskspeaks

Nitin Kapoor #nskspeaks


Enabling transformation - people and business, leadership development! Humanist, Storyteller, Lifelong learner! Make every moment count and enjoy it too!